About Us

Established in 2023 minTusa (pronounced min-too-sa) is an acronym for Made In The USA.  It is a statement and celebration of being a proud American. We are all made in the beautiful USA.  We are all minTusa.

At minTusa, we believe that fashion is the truest form of self-expression and street credibility, and what better way to express your American patriotism, pride and support for Americana than wearing an authentic and fashionable minTusa garment.

Our unique catalogue of original minTusa urban wear for men, women and kids offers every proud American the opportunity to express their love and support for America whilst looking and feeling great. With a focus on fit and quality, we create styles to take you and your American statement places, from vacation to occasion and everywhere in between.

Our goal at minTusa is to become America's number one patriot urban fashion wear destination and to mainstream the word minTusa across the nation.

 “We are minTusa!”